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EINSURANCE is not only an online insurance marketplace for the products and services sold by insurance carriers, agencies, and brokers. EINSURANCE is also a marketplace for ideas. Our writers, researchers, and industry experts all work together to inform consumers about financial risk management.

Whether you’re buying your first car insurance policy or finding health insurance for your new family, EINSURANCE provides information that is relevant to your choice. Although you should always speak to an insurance professional about your specific circumstance, it never hurts to get started on our site. Or if you would like to speak with an insurance professional right away, we can help with that too!

EINSURANCE is proud to be owned and operated by eINSURE Services, Inc.

Company History

eINSURESM Services Inc. is the leading advocate for insurance consumers online. Since 1992, when it was known as Specialty Programs, Ltd., eINSURE has held to this commitment and vision by making insurers compete for consumers, while working to keep insurance shoppers up-to-date on coverage options and policy terms.

The earliest versions of our sites, including e-insure.com, einsurance.com, eINSURE.com and EINSURANCE.com, were mainly geared towards comparing auto insurance quotes online. However, as consumers demanded more products and information, we responded. Today, consumers can compare all types of insurance in our easy to use websites.

eINSURE will continue to keep insurers competitive by providing a marketplace where consumers have the choice to get that extra quote. Our dual mandate of facilitating insurance comparison-shopping online and informing consumers will drive the next generation of our products and services.

Corporate Executives

David N. Thompson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dave has held significant positions in the insurance business. He served as Chief Financial Officer at Crum & Forster Underwriters Group before moving to the CEO position at Crum & Forster Managers, Inc., (sold as “Coregis” to GE Capital for $450 million). After attempting to purchase Coregis in 1993, he became the CEO of PBA and the Affinity Group of Alexander & Alexander, which sold to AON. Dave later worked at Meadowbrook in mergers and acquisitions, and at Millers American as CEO. He has a history of creating successful new ventures in the insurance business, and is now leveraging the Internet for the benefit of customers and shareholders. In addition, Dave is on the Board of Directors of AmerInst Insurance Group, Bermuda, and is Chairman of the Underwriting Committee, as well as co-inventor of RINITS, a new insurance securitization product.

Dale Q. Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Dale began his career as an underwriter at The Hartford insurance Company. After achieving significant success and building a strong book of business, he decided to augment his professional experience with attending the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. While there, Dale concentrated in accounting and finance. Upon graduating, Dale entered the investment banking industry by joining Credit Suisse, where he advised several clients on key strategic decisions that included financings and mergers & acquisitions. Dale also has international experience, gained through working in Sydney, Australia where he was a part of KPMG’s Mergers & Acquisitions team. Most recently, Dale was a part of the Corporate Development and Strategy Team at National Express Corporation, the second largest student transportation provider in the U.S., where he aided in the designing of the Company’s overall corporate strategy. Dale is now leveraging his strong financial and strategic background to ensure EINSURANCE continues to provide great service and value to its customers and all other stakeholders.

Cornelis de Jong

Chief Marketing Officer

Cor’s background is grounded as that of a dynamic marketing strategy professional with a track record of achievement in strategic marketing, business direction and strategy implementation. He has always practiced in the online work-space and enjoyed employment with companies such as AOL Time Warner, OAG, Bally Total Fitness and Interactivate Inc illustrating a diverse online background in hands-on project and process management, business operational structures, marketing strategy, reporting, data and financial analysis and a proven ability to development strong client and partner relations. Cor prides himself in delivering a variety of technical, strategic, creative, and pragmatic solutions for building and managing exceptional websites.

Ben Devereux

Chief Information Officer

While studying at DePaul University with a focus in MIS/IT, Ben began his career with EINSURANCE as a Data Analyst. With a passion for technology, Ben built the first mobile optimized user experience for einsurance.com. Building on its initial success, Ben developed and incorporated continuous improvements to the einsurance.com platform leveraging best practice technologies. With a user- centric approach, Ben now implements all new partnerships within the insurance verticals and manages partnerships within the Health, Home and Life insurance verticals. Throughout his professional experience, Ben has directed multiple website and data migrations in order to maximize and manage operations effectively. In addition to designing improvements to the core platform, Ben manages all technologies within the office to make sure they are operating efficiently for staff. Ben continues to oversee and maintain other company owned websites and businesses.

Lei Sun (Steven)

Marketing Associate

Steven graduated from Loyola University Chicago, majoring in integrated marketing communication and business analytics. Upon graduation, he joined Edgewater Development Corporation to help with business development and marketing growth. He then joined a startup where he helped manage all marketing channels and streamline their customer relationship process. With rich experience in marketing analytics and online advertising, Steven helps EINSURNACE automate processes for data generation, cleaning and summarization. He also analyzes data to identify market trends and opportunities to help him create, and ultimately execute EINSURANCE’s on-page and off-page SEO, in efforts to drive more customers to the Company’s website organically. Steven continues to help EINSURANCE expand its online presence using his expertise in marketing growth hacks.

Press Releases

The E-Insure Services, Inc. group makes public releases available on its website for news reporting and broadcast media use. Being a trusted and top provider of access to online insurance quotes and information for Auto, Health, Home, Business, and Life Insurance coverage information and quotes, we are always interested in sharing our activities with the public, media, and our industry.



Comparing Insurance Just Got Easier! Einsurance Has Launched a New and Improved Sites

DescriptionCreated with EINSURANCE’s customers firmly in mind, the website has been designed to make browsing the site even easier. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or desktop, looking for quotes from different carriers, or simply trying to answer insurance related questions, navigating through the site has been made even more seamless and intuitive.



EINSURANCE Now Offering Comparison Platform for Financial Service Products

DescriptionCustomers will now be able to research information and ultimately choose different lenders for their auto, personal and small business loan needs.



Does Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

DescriptionMost people are unaware that their auto coverage at times, covers flood damage, while often times their homeowner’s policy does not.

Einsurance State Guides Offer Health Insurance Options

DescriptionEinsurance Offer Health Insurance Guides, Detailed Regulations and available healthcare options in each of the 50 states.



eINSURE Your Future Scholarship Program Ensures America’s Bright Future – Winnner Announcement

DescriptioneINSURE awards it’s inaugural scholarship award to a young writer who wants to make the Millennial Generation read. 

eINSURE.com’s New Spokesperson Phil Says “Make Them Fight for Your Business”

DescriptionNew Ad Campaign Punches Up Better Insurance Comparisons and Bigger Savings 

eINSURE Your Future Scholarship Program Ensures America’s Bright Future

DescriptionNew Scholarship from eINSURE Is Open to Qualified Students in All Majors



Auto Insurance Quotes for the Top Selling Cars in 2013

DescriptionWhich top-selling 2013 vehicle gets the best insurance rates? EINSURANCE has the answer.



Sandy’s Effect on the Used Car Market

DescriptionWith Sandy here and gone, consumers can look to the past for a glimpse of how the once in a hundred year storm may affect the amount of flood damaged vehicles in the used car market. Einsurance speaks with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to find out what consumers can do.

Four Things to Know About Infertility Without Having a Celebrity’s Bank Account

DescriptionBill and Giuliana Rancic just had a healthy baby boy despite complications. EINSURANCE.com writer discusses various health insurance options available to couples experiencing difficulties conceiving.



Einsurance Teams Up with My Vault(R) “Flashing Hurts” and “Exflashers” Rehab Campaign – Urges Clients to Move Insurance Documents from Flash Drives to My Vault(R)

DescriptionNobody knows exactly how many USB Flash drives are lost, stolen or left plugged into someone else’s computer every year. But they are a notoriously unsafe way to store confidential data. http://www.einsurance.com has teamed up with My Vault (R), a top-tier secure online safe deposit storage service, to promote a safer, more secure way to store and retrieve select private digital assets. Einsurance.com urges clients who are currently storing sensitive information such as insurance policies and insurance applications on USB Flash drives to take advantage of the My Vault(R) “exflasher” 50% discount campaign and store their insurance documents on My Vault (R). The discount is part of My Vault’s recently launched “Flashing Hurts” website that takes an attention-grabbing look at the risky lure of Flash drives and shows how their loss and subsequent data breach affects the privacy of millions.

The Laugh’s on EInsurance.com with Debut of New Murphy’s Insurance Law Comic Strip

DescriptionEInsurance.com, a free online platform for competitive quotes for a variety of insurance products, injects some much-needed humor into a traditionally stodgy subject with the launch of “Murphy’s Insurance Law.” The new weekly strip takes a lighthearted look at what can go wrong without the right insurance coverage. It accompanies a podcast and article on the featured topic, and can be seen at EInsurance at http://www.einsurance.com/murphys-insurance-law/teen-driving.

Research Compares Auto Insurance Policies for Good, Bad and Drunk Drivers: The $3,000 Dollar Difference

DescriptionA good driving record or a bad driving record can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance, according to new research from E-Insure Services, Inc. The Chicago-based online insurance resource researched competitive online quotes from six major auto insurance companies using three driving record scenarios. The results showed policy prices for auto insurance coverage ranging from a low of $90.79 per month to a high of $347.86. This article includes a chart from the research and tips for saving on auto insurance policies.



E-Insure Services offers content under Creative Commons Licensing

DescriptionE-Insure Services (einsurance.com) supports sharing certain types of insurance content and information in a compiled directory using the open source licensing methods provided by Creative Commons. Insurance information on our website that is covered by this licensing method is designed to be contributed to, improved upon, shared in kind, or reused with proper reference to authoring source. Any content that is subject to this electronic form of licensing will be indicated as such by displaying a noticeable icon alongside that type of content.

For more information about sharing content, contact [email protected].

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