A Safe Driving Reminder: Driving Safely Is The Best Insurance Policy

From using technology such as the radio, CD player, IPod, cell phone, mapping and GPS-devices, and sending text messages, to putting on make-up, unwrapping foods and eating while driving and even reading while driving, we’re all at some point guilty in some way of multitasking and being distracted while driving. The problem is that one can easily dull ones senses and convince oneself that it’s only a quick-action or distraction and that it is not much of a concern, but in truth if we divert attention from one area of focus to another there is a definite loss of perception and concentration. One simply cannot look at buttons of a radio and still have an adequate focus on the road conditions present. Driving conditions can also change fast and in elevated risk conditions such as heavy traffic,extreme weather, or even coping with erratic behavior from other drivers, driving patterns and conditions are even more unpredictable, dangerous and deadly

Does this mean that you shouldn’t turn on your favorite tunes, or shouldn’t skip the song that annoys you so much? Of course not. You should however limit distractions as much as possible and always make sure to keep in mind some driving tips. Here are our safe driving tips:

Wear your seat belt

Even if you do not like to or think you are a safe driver. Think of it this way: Even if you do not wear your seat belt for yourself, you should wear it for your loved ones.

Never drive drunk

This includes driving after you’ve consumed smaller but unsafe amounts of alcohol, drugs or medicines that can impair your sensory perception. It is deadly.

Erratic driving is never a good idea

Do not speed up, slow down, or change lanes at irregular intervals. Blend in with the traffic patterns you encounter – driving too slowly or too fast is a recipe for disaster.

Be aware of all other vehicles on the road

Not just the car in front of you. Distance yourself from drivers that show erratic behavior driving patterns.

Do not participate in road-rage

If you get cut-off or inconvenienced by another vehicle, the worst thing you can do is changing your behavior to get back at or to get-even with another driver. If you must, honk your horn and move on. Let it go. Your safety is far more important that getting-even with another driver. Call the police and report dangerous drivers before you take matters into your own hand.

Even if you have the most comprehensive auto insurance coverage policy, remember those driving tips and being alert and aware of other vehicle’s movements is the best way to stay alive and to protect your loved ones and your assets.


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