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insurance tax deductions formEINSURANCE

What Kind of Insurance is Tax Deductible?

About this time of year, you’re digging through drawers, pants pockets, purses and maybe even a file folder or two looking for receipts so you can maximize your federal income tax deductions. You may also be wondering if any of your insurance is a tax ded
insurance monkey businessEINSURANCE

Insurance Monkey Business

Odd stories about insurance humor and funny insurance stories
how better security can lower insurance premiumsEINSURANCE

How Better Security Can Lower Insurance Premiums?

Insurance Premiums And Theft Theft can occur at any moment.…
travel medical insuranceEINSURANCE

Travel Medical Insurance: Do I Need It?

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, world…
how to buy pet insurance with no waiting periodEINSURANCE

How to Buy Pet Insurance with No Waiting Period

If you’re in the market for pet insurance with no waiting…
life insuranceEINSURANE

Decreasing Term Life: What The Insurance Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Since the effectiveness of decreasing term insurance is by definition limited by the age and demographic of the insured—in other words, since the coverage is temporary
insurance cancellation letterEINSURANCE

Canceling Your Insurance? Use Our Checklist and Insurance Sample Cancellation Letter

The first step prior to writing the cancellation letter is to look to your policy to see if there are any provisions regarding cancellation and notification of your insurer. There may be instructions regarding how to cancel your policy – how many days not
green insuranceEINSURANCE

Green Insurance – What Is It?

Green has gone mainstream. From recycling at home to cleaning…
cannabis industry trendsEINSURANCE

Cannabis Industry Trends 2020

By most accounts, 2020 will see cannabis as a green business…
social media and insurance claimsEINSURANCE

Social Media and Insurance Claims

How Social Media is Used During Insurance Claim Investigations Be…
holiday safety tips for the upcoming seasonEINSURANCE

Holiday Safety Tips for the Upcoming Season

The mishaps that befall the Griswold family in the movie…
6 ways to save on gas while drivingEINSURANCE

Ways to Save Gas While Driving

With the gas price approaching higher and higher, drivers…
internet safety tips for all peopleEINSURANCE

Internet Safety Tips for Everyone

The internet is an incredible resource for people of all…
national vs. regional insurance carriersEINSURANCE

National Vs. Regional Insurance Carriers

There are two types of insurance carriers. National Vs. Regional…
top campgrounds in the usEINSURANCE

Best Campgrounds In The U.S.

One of the best things traveling around the U.S. is that there…
terrorism insurance coverageEINSURANCE

Terrorism Insurance Coverage

According to Wikipedia, terrorism insurance is insurance…
top cyber security threats to be aware of in 2019EINSURANCE

Cyber Security Threats To Be Aware Of In 2019

Cyber security was once only an incidental part of enterprise…
Uber Vs. AmbulanceEINSURANCE

Uber vs. Ambulance: What Should I do?

The Rise of Ride-sharing Ride-sharing has taken the world…